Client: Personal Schoolwork

For one of our assignments in our Drawing for Illustrators class, we dove into character design and were asked to create 5 unique characters who had a cohesive look and shape language to them, as if they came from the same universe. I decided to do drag queens because they would be really fun and interesting to design, and the possibilities were endless.
I did a lot of research on the history of drag culture as well as the very popular RuPaul’s Drag Race, which I would occasionally follow before this assignment. Here are the initial sketches I did for the characters.
The next step was to develop pose studies per character to better understand their body and shape language as well as their personalities.
We also worked on some character turnarounds to solve balance and shape language from different angles.
One of the last steps was to do a bit of costume study from different eras or themes. I chose futuristic, 1950’s Stepford wives, and 1920’s flapper themes for my studies.
Here is the final polished sketch of my character lineup.
And here is the final render of the character lineup. I wanted to use a limited color palette to give them a cohesive look and feel. Really happy with how these turned out!
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