Client: Archipelago Labs

When I worked on retainer as a graphic designer for a startup called Archipelago Labs, I was assigned to create several sticker packs for an ambitious project known as Kumu, which is essentially a free chat app designed by and for the Filipino community. Filipinos are one of the most avid users of the internet and social media globally, so we thought it fit to build an app tailor made for the Philippine culture and people.

The sticker set “mamananggal” is a play on the words “mama” and “manananggal”, the latter being a mythical Filipino creature that takes the form of a half-bodied witch monster that devours men. The concept was to create a sticker pack that used stereotypical Filipino mom sayings and expression based on a manananggal.
Party Animals

This sticker set made use of two characters: the Carabao, which is the national animal of the Philippines, and the Philippine eagle. Both these characters were made to be fun-loving and pretty wild, hence the name party animals.
Commuter Problems

Commuting in the Philippines is a huge thing—mainly because it’s such a pain in the butt to use our outdated and honestly tragic public transport system. However, it’s a big part of the lives of many Filipinos, which is why we made this set to better relay our current commute progress as we’re on the go.
Malu Pets

Malu Pets is a play on the words pet and “malupit,” a Filipino slang word that literally translates to cruel, brutal, or harsh, but is contextually used to mean extreme, specifically extremely cool or amazing. This is probably my favorite sticker set out of the ones I’ve done, as it’s so expressive and very colorful, and involves animals.
Badass Lola

“Lola” is what we call our grandmothers in the Philippines. This set features a spunky lola and her various actions and expressions.
Mr. Mumu

Mr. Mumu is supposed to represent the average corporate worker in the Philippine industry. He was developed to be a cute version of Jake Sully from Monster’s Inc. or Chewbacca from Star Wars. This sticker set uses various expressions and actions that one would experience in a normal workday.
The app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play, but as of now it’s still in its early stages and we can’t wait for it to grow and develop organically with your support! Check it out if you can.

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