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September, 2015

Branding, print and web collaterals developed for my personal brand as a designer.

As a requirement for my Portfolio & Branding class, we were required to develop our own personal brand and corresponding collaterals, including a logo, business cards, demo reel, and a website among others.
The concept of my personal branding was to merge quirky illustrator with organized designer, showcasing my versatility and personality as an artist and designer.
1 / Logo + Fonts + Color Palette
I wanted to keep my logo simple but distinct, so I used my own handwriting with a little bit of flair. I decided not to make a personal icon or logo because I want to be remembered for my name and the name behind the work, not my logo plastered over something.
For the font, I used Brandon Grotesque because it's simple and friendly.
2 / Business Cards
I wanted to make my business cards eye-catching and memorable, so I stuck to my yellow color scheme and doodles. I designed the back of my card to look like a chat box, as if you were a client asking for my details, having an actual conversation.
3 / Letterhead + Envelope + Folder + CV
4 / Portfolio
The print portfolio is a compilation of my works in a small booklet-type publication that hypothetically I am capable of mass producing and showing to future clients or companies.
5 / Demo Reel
For my demo reel, I decided to try something different from the standard industry type. Normally, demo reels are full of fancy motion graphics and video cuts—but my strengths aren't in motion graphics, they're in illustration and design. I didn't want to present my works zooming and fading in on the screen; I wanted a more hands-on and a more dynamic approach. 
I printed out all of the work that I wanted to showcase and I asked a few friends to help me out by holding them or arranging short stopmotion sequences. As a result, I was able to portray not only my works but a little bit into my personality and thought process as well. Enjoy!
Music: Work This Body by Walk The Moon
6 / Website
I also designed and developed a website ( for myself to feature my works, projects, contact details and other relevant information. Here are some initial study pages for the website:
Visit my website here! (I hardcoded it from scratch and I'm still honing my web development skills, so it's not completely responsive yet, sorry!)
Thank you! :)

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