As the Creative Director (a.k.a. the only individual on the design team) of my startup company Artisé De Solution, I was tasked to design the website for WinIt, a website/mobile application we were creating. WinIt was conceptualized to serve as an interactive platfrom for companies in industries like food, fashion, and technology among others, to give freebies and discounts to their customers. 
I designed the website based on the color scheme of red and white, as they are colors often used and associated with sales, especially in clothing stores. 

Below is the website study I did for the project. The site was designed as a one-page site for seamless flow and experience.

All photos used are property of RJ Shaughnessy and the content is dummy text. 
Unfortunately, the project was scrapped and revised into a new concept called Task, so the designs were never taken into development. I thought I'd share my designs anyway.
Thank you! :)

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